Team MBK + Janay VanSylk

Meet Janay VanSylk

  1. Do you have any nicknames / shortened names that you prefer to be called? No nicknames.
  2. What’s your favorite thing about being a makeup artist? The transformation of not only the over all look, but the shift in someone’s mood and confidence makes it all worth it.
  3. Briefly tell me how you got started in the makeup/ beauty biz? I've always loved makeup. Everything about it. Got started pretty young right out of high school. My first makeup job 12 years ago is still my current job!
  4. Stuck on an island, must have, absolute favorite product and why? Mac in extreme dimension lash mascara! My fave! I feel like a whole new woman with just mascara!
  5. When you aren’t making babes more beautiful what your favorite thing to do in your leisure time? Painting and interior design! My two favorite things. You can find me traveling and looking for the nearest museum to geek out over art!