Team MBK + Sabrina Bennet

Meet Sabrina Bennet

  1. Do you have any nicknames / shortened names that you prefer to be called? My favorite thing from the very beginning has always been the connection to women. To uplift, to inspire, to be inspired, to allow for creativity and trust during the time spent during the make up application. I have always loved the transformation as well, weather it is as small as one coat of mascara or a full face, women always seem to change their energy in a positive way. It's so much more than makeup, its a feeling created.
  2. Briefly tell me how you got started in the makeup/ beauty biz? I began as a make up artist for MAC Cosmetics in 2004. I was an art major in college and always had a passion for make up and beauty as an art form, but never thought I would be considered to work for MAC since I had no prior beauty background or training. A friend of mine worked at the counter and suggested I apply. I was quickly hired based on my art background and the rest is history. I have to say that after 25 years of loving and wearing MAC products, I am, and will forever be loyal to the company and its amazing products. I have been professionally doing makeup for 15 years, including freelance work such as weddings, photo shoots, special occasion head shots and more. Very excited to start the next step in this journey with such an amazing and talented group!
  3. Stuck on an island, must have, absolute favorite product and why? Sorry, I cant have just one...MAC Face & Body foundation, because it's moisturizing and feels like skin. MAC Fluidline brow gel, because without it I have no brows and it stays on and MAC lipglass for life, oh and MAC In Extreme Black waterproof mascara because it doesn't crumble or run.
  4. When you aren’t making babes more beautiful what your favorite thing to do in your leisure time? Just running a yoga studio, helping people feel better in their bodies and connecting to their universal selves
  5. Is there anything that you want to share with potential clients that we haven’t asked? That I am very passionate about health and well being from the inside as well as the outside. Make up to me is a way of self expression that allows women to be free and creative, never as a way to cover or hide from who they really are. I love you, always have always will